LoriStanding1Created by Marcie Peters, the Transform Your Health World Summit promises to bring forth to you great information on health and fitness presented by some of the world’s top experts, including our own Dr. Lori Shemek of DLS Healthworks, LLC. The Summit goes from October 1-11, 2013.

Among the experts are JJ Virgin, Dr. Bernie Siegel, David Wolf, Mark Sisson and Joy Houston. Here’s the great thing about this summit, IT’S FREE! I mean, you’ll get 11 amazing days of these top experts to learn from and you’ll also be able to get FREE GIFTS for attending this FREE EVENT!!! WOW!!! Either these folks are crazy or brilliant! I gotta hand it to Marcie Peters, to get these experts to give away their expertise for free and to give free gifts too! Now, that’s brilliant! And you’ll benefit!

So, sign up today by clicking on the banner below, okay? And have fun learning. I’ve already signed up.