An idea that was born out of the desire of two people who want to help make a difference to the lives of people. So they can live their best possible life. Health and fitness is where it started after these two people met in person. That was in August 2011 in Knoxville, TN. There was an instant connection and they both knew that great things were in store. Life-changing things.

Their passion for health and fitness led to the creation of Optimal Life Seminars. Realizing that it takes more than just two people to make a difference…the bringing of others was critical. And so this is what came out of that.

Optimal Life Seminars will help to present the best information regarding living the best life possible.  You will learn through seminars, workshops, webinars, teleseminars, teleclasses as well as home study courses.  Each will be developed in time.

Some of the subjects include areas of health, fitness, mind, body, spirit, warriorship, success, challenges and so forth…  All which will help you to lead the life you were meant to lead.

You were born to grow and to prosper in life.  By getting the right knowledge, you’ll learn how to challenge yourself towards growth…  Think of the butterfly that emerges from the cocoon.  If someone was to come along and make a decision to help the butterfly emerge by making the opening a little larger, then guess what, it does the butterfly no good.  The butterfly will be fat and never able to fly.

You see, what happens when the butterfly pushes itself through the tiny slit, the struggle to come through forces the blood in the butterfly’s body to it’s wings.  So when it finally emerges, it is strong and healthy.

So, it is the same with you in life.  The seminars, workshops and so forth provided by the speakers/presenters here will only serve you to the point where you need to learn and take action from it.  That’s where the challenge of doing so helps you to learn how to fly strong.

Our wish is that you’ll continue to get stronger through each class, workshop or seminar you attend.


Bob Choat