For years our government has perpetrated upon us that we need to reduce saturated fat from our diets. Hence, food companies did and had to replace the tasteless products with sugar (and salt).  Excess and especially processed sugar leads to an inflammatory response within our bodies.  That means you and me.  Even according to the government’s own research, the average American ingest 156 pounds of sugar per year.

A 2013 study by the University of Utah showed that even low doses of sugar is toxic.  The mice study was done with the equivalent of three 12 oz cans of soda (which is much less regarding sugar than a Double Big Glup) and this was shown if the rest of one’s diet was perfectly healthy.  Female mice died twice as quickly as the control mice and as far as the males were concerned, it had an affect on their sex life.  They simply could not compete with their counterparts that did not consume the sugar.

Overall, the scientist concluded to have a diet as close to the natural environment as possible.  Processed sugars are surely toxic and 80% of what affects mice, affects us.  Sugar being one of them.  Dr. Robert Lustig tried to convince the public with a lecture back in 2009.

Here’s the 2009 lecture (Sugar: The Bitter Truth) by Dr. Robert Lustig in which he describes the toxicity of sugar.

Now that you know the bitter truth, isn’t it time to stop your ingestion of processed sugar?


Bob Choat
America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and author of Mind Your Own Fitness