Over a 29 period Dr. Maxwell Maltz conducted extensive research
into human dynamics and helped in the creation of self-image
psychology. As a famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Maltz was able to understand the
differences in people before and after their surgery.

Out of research and understandings, he came up with a 21-day program
that helps in developing one’s personal growth and success.
Since his discovery that changing one’s personal appearance didn’t
translate to one’s self image… He knew that that it had to come
from the inside…not the outside…

Changing your subconscious mind is now within the realm of possibility
for you. In 21 days you’ll develop the confidence to conquer
yourself and the world in a positive way.

In this course of study you’ll learn how to:

• Develop the self-confidence that leads to spectacular achievements.
• Discover the success mechanism hidden within you.
• Overcome procrastination and indecisiveness.
• Find love, romance, and friendship.
• Improve your health.
• Make more money.

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