The Law of Success

Napoleon Hill’s classic volumes on reaching success has been
republished and reproduced from the original volumes published in
1928. This set is in two volumes…making it easier for you to
learn as you apply its lessons.

You get the full 16 lessons that you will need to have success in
your own life. Take from years of study from some of the top
success stories of the time…

Napoleon Hill has distilled this wisdom into these lessons that any
person can follow and apply into his or her own life. The works
produced by Mr. Hill took him 25 years of research and
practical application in order to distill the knowledge he
learned from the most successful men of his era.

Here are the 16 Laws that are listed in Hill’s seminal work:

Law 1 – Introduction

Law 2 – A Definite Chief Aim

Law 3 – Self-Confidence

Law 4 – The Habit Of Saving

Law 5 – Initiative and Leadership

Law 6 – Imagination

Law 7 – Enthusiasm

Law 8 – Self-Control

Law 9 – The Habit Of Doing More Than Paid For

Law 10 – Develop A Pleasing Personality

Law 11 – Accurate Thought

Law 12 – Concentration

Law 13 – Co-operation

Law 14 – Failure

Law 15 – Tolerance

Law 16 – The Golden Rule

If you ever wanted to know about true success and have it in your own
life, then get these lessons, discover an idea and apply it immediately
into your own life.

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The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
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La Leyes del Éxito en Dieciséis Lecciones
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