Each of us is given the same amount of time each day. It’s what you decide to do with each second that will either lead to live it optimally or just getting by. Having an optimal life takes work. Though, each person can do it.

As stated in a previous post, healthy living is an important factor to the optimal life. It starts with your beliefs about yourself. And changes will only happen when you start looking at yourself differently…more healthy and wanting the challenges in life.

Behavior and actions are affected by thoughts that are governed by emotions. A thought is simply a thought. It has no value unless you can add the emotional component to it. Living that optimal life is preceded by how you act…believe…feel.

So think about what an optimal life looks like to you…make a plan to get it…and then take immediate action. Add the emotional part to it to help create desire. And then work it consistently. Eventually, you’ll get to that optimal life.

Bob Choat