Everyday we are faced with choices. Every moment of our lives we get to choose in which direction we want to go. One choice may lead to despair while another will lead you to happiness. And many times those choices start with how we perceive each area.

When faced with too many choices, most people tend to take the path of least resistance.  They simply choose not to make a choice.  It sure is simple when we have option A or option B.  That’s also one of the reason we have two major political parties here in the United States.  It’s easier on people’s mind to choose one or the other.

In our own lives, our health is done much the same way.  We are faced with a multitude of choices and simply don’t make them.  Having said that, it becomes easier when you are more educated in a given area, like your health, then it makes it easier to understand all the options.  Here’s a video I just did that goes into options and choices.

Enjoy it and now get out and learn more so you will have the ability to fully understand what your options are in getting healthy and fit.