Living a life that is optimal will mean different things to different people.  Happiness and fulfillment is certainly included in that meaning.  Still, even those will be different.  I would equate health as part of the solution to living an optimal life too.  Just remember, it’s your life and not mine or somebody else’s.  Just like having a successful life will have different meanings, so does an optimal life.

Living a life that is both satisfying and desirable are the two keys in really identifying one that is optimal.  I remember watching some friends of mine going through the motions of their day-to-day living and not really living.  They didn’t seem to be satisfied with where they were at.  They will go from job to job to find out what will fulfill them or simply just to earn enough money to survive.  It seems that’s the way of most of society today.  There’s no purpose and no passion in their existence.

Let me ask you a question.  If you could imagine a life is completely satisfying and desirable for you, what would it be like?

Let me go back to what I stated in the first paragraph, health is a key component to having an optimal life.  If you’re morbidly obese, then it’ll be pretty hard to function fully and be truly satisfied.  Additionally, our brains won’t function at its optimal best unless one’s body is also functioning at its optimal best.  That’s part of the equation that you should address.  So let’s get to the 5 ways that can you to discover your optimal life.

  1. Find your purpose and mission in life.  This is important.  If you don’t have that bigger purpose, then what is the true meaning of why you are here?  I’ve seen many people who retired from their careers end up dying much sooner and sometimes within 5 years after retiring.  The people of Okinawa are the longest living people, in part, because they continue to do things that have meaning throughout their lives.
  2. Associate with people who are already living an optimal life.  When you do this, you’ll gain knowledge of what works for them and see how you can apply it into your own life.  The socializing aspect of this will also help.
  3. Start helping others.  You can do this simply by volunteering in something you’ve always enjoyed.  Even the simple thing of passing on your experience and knowledge will go a long way towards helping you too.  Those that volunteer seem to have a more purposeful and happy life. has many opportunities that may just fit you.
  4. Get out and exercise.  Both indoors and outdoors is good.  Though, exercising outside has added benefits, especially during the summertime.  You’ll get an increase of Vitamin D as well the freshness of outdoor living.  If you live near a park or hiking area, take advantage of it.  You’ll get fit and healthy.  Heck, you may even meet up with new and interesting people too.  Don’t forget to add a healthy diet while you are exercising.  They both go hand-in-hand.
  5. Develop the attitude of gratitude.  Being grateful for what you have now is important towards moving forward.  In fact, those that do, tend to do more of the other things that move one to developing an optimal life.  They are simply happier.

You were presented with some simply ways to start living an optimal life.  There are many more ways than this and you may discover them when you take this path in your life.  It seems that when we focus on it, things will be revealed that wasn’t there before.  The truth is that it’s always been there.  We were simply blind to them.  Now, go out and start living your life to its fullest, more desirable and most satisfying way.